Individual students will:
  • Enhance and support the learning community by keeping up with the reading schedule and making valuable contributions to round table conversations and litspiration challenges using supporting details from the novel.

  • Create blog entries that will demonstrate unique ideas, thoughtful connections, prompts, questions, discoveries etc.
    • Blog Posts: each individual group member is responsible for writing one post per topic.  Entries should be 300-400 words and demonstrate academic excellence. Individual posts must be published to each member's personal litspiration blog.
        • Setting
        • Characterization
        • Connections to Real World Issues
        • Theme
        • Narrative Structure
        • Film Study 
  • Use and reference the Internet appropriately (in MLA format) — including the content / value of all entries, links, comments, and behind-the-scenes administration of the web site itself
  • Submit a final response detailing what they have learned through this project, and how they personally enhanced and supported their learning community. 
   Teams will:
  • Come prepared to inquire and wonder about the novel.
    • Round Table Conversations: in order to ensure that literary analysis is thoughtful and insightful, groups will meet to discuss each topic. 
      • Conversations may be recorded with your laptop, orchestrated using VoiceThread, or recorded in some other fashion that will allow you to document, post, and refer back to your conversations.
      • Your goal as a team is to help each other develop your ideas and take your analysis deeper. Ask questions, listen and consider.

  • Complete the assigned litspiration challenges creatively and in a way that demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of the novel.
    • Litspiration Challenges: each group is responsible for completing three litspiration challenges: setting, theme & characterization.  Challenges should be rigorous, thoughtful, demonstrate close reading through the incorporation of supporting details, and be a product of true collaboration.
      • For example: Character Playlist & Cast the Novel challenges would both enable you to explore characterization.
  • Successfully create a blog that demonstrates insight and analysis re: House of the Scorpion
  • Create a unique name and look for the blog by the end of the project (without it becoming a distraction in terms of the quality / analysis of content that is published)
  • Use at least 2 web collaboration tools (beyond the blog and Google Docs) to demonstrate a unique way to share knowledge / discoveries
  • Use class time in an appropriate manner at all times
  • Present to the class on 2 occasions what has been ‘learned’ and what has been ‘created’: 1) sometime during the process and 2) on the final submission day
Mrs. Waite & Ms. Groeller will:
  • Create a working web site to house the project (the one that you are at now)
  • Create a manageable reading calendar
  • Create a classroom / work environment that will allow students to successfully work as teams and complete the overall project
  • Provide behind-the-scenes technology support (and advice)
  • Share the student-groups’ work / projects with professional educators and related colleagues

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