Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Most Awesome Litspiration Post

Which of the three Litspiration challenges is "the most awesome?"
Our best Litspiration challenge is our theme one.

What makes it stand out compared to the others? 
It has a video for us explaining why we chose our theme. We also made a big staircase that shows how all of the main characters relate to the theme. We have a big paragraphs to explain why each character relates.

Why is this the best in your opinion? 
We put the most work into this Litspiration challenge and it was the most fun to make! We think it is the best because it has the most supporting details and the most information.

What could have been improved on?
We could have made it more bright so more people would want to look at it, and see it better. It would stand out better if we made it brighter. We could have spent more time on editing our paragraph too.

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