Thursday, 2 May 2013

Litspiration Challenge: Theme

Here is our Round Table #5 on theme and it explains how we decided on our theme statement.

For our theme litspiration challenge, we decided to build a staircase to demonstrate the theme of Don't Giving Up. The staircase represents that every time you don't give up, you are advanced to something better just as the characters in the book demonstrated.

Here is the writing on staircase so you can see it better:

We think that Matt was a prime example of the theme, don’t give up, because of several reasons. He loved Maria and he never gave up to stop loving her even though he was a clone. After Matt demanded a kiss from Maria, he was very remorseful because we think he had a deep love for her (Farmer 111). And even though she didn’t want to to talk to him after, he didn’t give up on trying to be with her, even when he went to the covenant to find her. Matt also captured her dog to get her near her. He never gave up on his friends. He still believed in Celia and Tam Lin being there for him. But we thought the biggest example was at the end when he was going to turn Opium good and free all the eejits. Even though Opium was corrupt and ruled by a ‘dictator’ that destroyed people’s lives, Matt still believed that he could turn it around and reunite eejits with their children and getting rid of the Farm Patrol (Farmer 378-380).

Celia really demonstrated the theme well in her love for Matt. Celia never stopped caring about Matt. She knew that Matt was just going to be used as a transplant for El Patron, but she didn’t love him any less but she did the extraordinary by poisoning Matt just enough to prevent any harm to him. Even up to the point that El Patron needed Matt’s heart, Celia fought back, even with the threat of death. Celia also never gave up on trying to go to the United States. In the chapter Celia’s Story, she tried with all of her might to try to cross the border. She even trusted a Coyote to bring her to the border, so she could live out her dream of living in the USA, although that didn’t happen (Farmer 141).

Even though this was not a great thing that he did, El Patron didn’t give up on life. In the chapter A Cat With Nine Lives, El Patron describes how he had this drive to succeed even though the odds were against him and how we wanted to continue “catching mice” (Farmer 101). Another example was how the Lost Boys believed that their parents were rich somewhere in America instead of eejits like they really were. A scene that really said this message was when Jorge was exposing how Matt was a “zombie” but Ton-Ton stood up for him and said that all their parents were eejits instead of the famous, successful people living in the United States. All of the Lost Boys stood up for their parents (Farmer 323). Another example of this was when Matt first met Chacho and asked him about his dad. Chacho defended him even Matt noticed he was on the verge of crying.

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