Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Rules

The Rules

To ensure success by all individuals and teams — as well as the integrity of the project itself — the following rules will be established:

1.            All participants will maintain a proper use of the classroom, the laptops, and the time we have in class to ensure success over time.
2.            All participants will keep up with the reading calendar and overall submission quantities/due dates.
3.            All members will “serve” the group, not dictate how things are done.
4.            All teams will focus on each individual’s strengths (rather than weaknesses).
5.            All individuals will ask for help by teammates (to support their weaknesses).
6.            All blog entries (and suggested links) will remain in “draft” mode inside the website’s database until carefully reviewed by all team members.
7.            All in-coming comments will be carefully reviewed before being published by the team.
8.            All technical changes to the team’s website (i.e. template design, etc.) will be agreed upon by the entire team (not just an individual doing it privately).

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