Friday, 19 April 2013

Litsperation Challenge #1 Setting

For our first litspiration challenge we wanted to make a poppy, from the poppy field, that had the drawn picture of the setting on the front. But when you open it up, it had the where, what, and when that describe that setting.

Celia's House...

The Dry Field...

The Servants Quarters...

The Big House...

This is what the inside of the poppy looked like. You can't see the writing but it has the what, when, and where.

This is what it says on the inside... and I will label who did what, so you know we did an even amount of work.

We decided on having the when and what to be the same so here it is:
No specific date. Has parts that might suggest a futuristic setting, but part that might suggest a setting in the past.

-democracy in the US
-fetal brain implants

Celia's House: (Garrett)
Celia’s house seems to be small with only two rooms, a living room, and a small kitchen. From the text, it says there was a big, easy chair on page 6 and a small, wooden table with some of his books on it. The kitchen is described to have a small refrigerator and a microwave with squares of yellow note paper cautioning Matt to stay away and secured with a padlock. Celia’s room has her large saggy be covered with crocheted pillows and stuff animals. At the head of the bed, there was a large crucifix it says on page 8. Matt’s was smaller, filled with half of his bed, and his wall was covered with pictures torn out of magazines and including some posters, according to page 8 also.
No date telling us what time period this happened, but it seems to be back then, because of the servants, and today not everyone would have servants.

Matt is pretty much glued to the house, he can’t leave the small house, or else danger will appear. Every day Matt is a lone because Celia goes to do her work, and the house is made, so that Matt can’t escape.

-mocracy in the US
-fetal brain implant

The Servants Quarters: (Osereme)
The servant quarters in the Big House. On page 27, Mr. Alacran says that there is an empty room in the servants quarters. The hallway to the room was described as dingy and they passed doorways that opened up to cramped a gloomy rooms, on page 52. The room was long and narrow and had one mattress and a bucket for Matt to go to the washroom in. At one end of the room was the door and it had a window covered in ironwork that could only Matt could only see the sky in.Matt was deposited on a hard, bare mattress. The room was long and narrow. At one end was the door 
and at the other a window covered with iron grillwork.

The Big House: (Azhar)
Big House/Alacrán Estate is either in or near the poppy fields “They started up a flight of wide, marble steps that shone softly in the darkening air. On either side were orange trees, and all at once lamps went on among the leaves. Lights outlined the white walls of the vast house above, with pillars and statues and doorways going to who knows where. In the centre of an arch was the carved outline of a scorpion.”

The Dry Field: (Jessica)
The Dry Field... Eejits working on a dry field and are very thirsty. Tall grass up to the horses belly. Matt and Tam Lin sit and have a picnic and there is fishes near them.  Poppy Field... fields and fields of white poppies going over hills that Matt thinks he will never go out and see. Southern USA.
They came to a giant boulder that seemed to block the trail until Matt saw a round hole in the middle. It was worn smooth like the hole in a donut. Tam Lin climbed through and reached back to help Matt.
The scene on the other side was unexpected. Creosote bushes and paloverde trees framed a small narrow valley, and in the center was a pool of water. At the end Matt saw an enormous grapevine sprawled over a man made trellis. In the water itself Matt saw shoals of little brown fish that darted away from his shallow. (Page: 79)


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